Monday Morning Christianity

Honoring God in Your Workplace

I teach organizational communication at a university, and I have an active research program looking at how people communicate in workplaces. A few years ago, someone came to me talking about a workplace communication issue. I was giving advice to this person about what to do and how to say the right thing to make everyone happy. This person, who was a Christian and knew I was also a Christian, asked me, "but what would God think about just trying to tell people what they want to hear?" Ouch. It occurred to me that I don't always think about God as I think about how to communicate in workplaces. Christian values shouldn't be confined to Sunday-they should also affect how we act Monday through Friday. This project was born from that experience.

About This Project

Since that conversation, I've spent a lot of time thinking about what it means to be a Christian in a secular workplace. I started by reading through the Bible and noting every passage that could apply to our time at work. I knew from the beginning that being Christian was more than just proselytizing-it's living out the mission and grace of God's Kingdom.

I am taking the ideas from this journey and putting them together in a book format, along with accompanying Bible class materials and a video series that teachers can use in classes. If you're interested in any of those formats, please contact me.

About Me

My name is Johny Garner. I have a PhD from Texas A&M University in organizational communication. I taught as an assistant professor at Pepperdine University in California for four years before moving in 2010 to Texas Christian University, where I am an associate professor. My focus areas are supervisor-employee communication and organizational dynamics in churches. I live with my wife and two boys in Fort Worth, Texas. In addition to teaching and research and family activities, I enjoy cycling and collecting old children's books.

My Family

I don't know what God will do with all of this. It could be that it's just about getting me to be better at living for Him at work. If that's all it is, I'm OK with that-I've been convicted over and over at how much I need to improve. But I also want this to be available to anyone who might be in the same position that I was/am: uncomfortable with your faith being put in a Sunday morning box, shut off from the rest of your life. If that describes you, let's think together about how God can move in our lives, not just on Sundays, but Monday through Friday as well.